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We offer a wide range of products from our large message boards that deliver road safety messages quickly and efficiently to driver feedback signs that slow motorists down in safety zones.
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Radar Speed Trailer - Click to enlarge
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This versatile solar powered speed detection trailer can be towed to any location. It’s built in radar senses the speed of oncoming traffic and flashes either the vehicles speed or the speed limit on the message board. The signage can be easily altered to display different speed limits.


Ideal for use in

  • Traffic Management Systems
  • Safety Zones
  • Police Speed Enforcement Area
  • School districts
  • Residential areas
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Temporary speed limits

Display Panel

Panel Size:
92cm x 74cm
Panel Construction:
All aluminium, modular construction
Matrix Size:
9 x 12 pixels
Pixel Size:
6.6cm x 6.6cm
Number of Digits:
Up to 3
Number of Fonts:
Character Height:
Display Technology:
LED (Amber 592nm)
Display Life Expectancy:
10 years approximately

Physical Detail

Length Overall:
Width Overall:
Height Travelling:
Height Operating:
Ground Clearance:
Weight Approx:
5.1cm ball, 6.4cm pintle ring

Control Console

Console Circuitry:
Ultra low powered solid state
Console Touchscreen:
Waterproof, backlit, full colour GUI, intuitive icon driven, Multi-lingual
Programming Software:
Proprietary, field upgradeable
Display Update Time:
Non-volatile Memory:
Separate backup battery
Password Protection:
User selectable, multi level
Operator Interface:
Easy to use icon (no instruction manual required)

Speed Limit Sign

Panel Sign:
77cm x 92cm
Panel Construction:
All aluminium, type III coated
First digit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7. Second digit 0 or 5
Sign Height:

Energy Source

Operating Voltage:
12 volts DC
Battery Type:
6 volt heavy duty deep cycle
Number of Batteries:
Battery Bank Capacity:
600 amp hours
Battery Status Indicator:
Displays battery voltage, charging activity and low battery condition
Solar Array Construction:
Top mounted solar panels in aluminium frame
Solar Array Output:
Standard 150w (nominal)
Solar Charge Controller:
Automatic temperature compensated

Radar Detector

Operating Frequency:
24.150 GHz (K Band)
Antenna Beam Width:
12° circular
Capture Angle:
Target Speed Range:
5 - 200 mph
Speed Accuracy:
Typically 1 mph
Detection Distance:
1500 feet

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