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Agile Displays

Agile Displays


Agile Displays - How It Works


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Features Include

Agile Displays combine the flexibility of modular panel construction with our patented Mega-Flux LED display technology, giving the most versatile, energy-efficient variable message sign on the market. Each LED panel measures 610mm x 457mm and can be oriented either vertically or horizontally. Build an Agile Display by selecting the configuration of panels that you require. LED's can be either Red or Amber. With two pixel densities to choose from, 19mm or 38mm, means a wider range of sinage needs can be met. Whether it's a graphics-heavy retail application using 19mm or a simple information sign using 38mm, Agile Displays has what you need.

Agile Displays are totally solar powered and provide continuous uninterrupted display although they can be wiried to run on mains electricity should you wish.

Messages are legible in all conditions from bright sunlight to dense fog.

Remote software provides a programmable control console to change/schedule messages easily anytime.

The sign can also be fitted with a Radar speed mointor, which enables speed activated messages to be displayed.


Energy Source

Operating Voltage:
12 volts DC or 240 volts AC
Battery Type:
6 volt heavy duty deep cycle
Number of Batteries:
2 or more depanding on sign configuration
Battery Bank Capacity:
1200 amp hours
Battery Status Indicator:
Displays battery voltage, charging activity, and low battery condition
Solar Array Construction:
Top mounted solar panels in aluminium frame
Solar Charge Controller:
Automatic temperature compensated

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