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Tim Doody & Co. Ltd

Tim Doody & Co. Ltd

Established as one of the UK's premier road marking compaines since 1966. Success, built on reputation and commitment to Safety, Service & Quality Specialising in the application of Road Markings for traffic management systems, Road Studs (Cats Eyes), High Friction Surfacing (Anti Skid), Removal of Road Markings and the manufacture of Road Marking Vehicles.



Solar Technology

Solar Technology

Solar Technology solar-powered traffic control equipment is the undisputed quality leader for traffic safety on the road today. Our philosophy of excellence in design, manufacturing, and customer service results in products that provide the best performance and reliability available



ARTSM - The Association for Road Traffic Safety and Management

The Association for Road Traffic Safety and Management

Working Group 3 – Fixed and Portable VMS - The majority of the work addressed by this Working Group is centred primarily on formulating a consensus view of the new draft of EN12966 to ensure that ARTSM representatives on the B509/11 committee are properly briefed on the issues they wish the UK delegation to present to the CEN committee. Programmes of work based on the existence of, and the need to deal with relevant issues in the following categories:
•HA Specifications and Technical Regulations (TR and MC series) including those TR specifications used for Type Approval.
•CEN/CENELEC European and BSI adopted Standards.

AIM - To implement a continuous review of standards in the above categories, taking action on any documents which require revision to reflect changes in procedures, legislation, safety standards, and European harmonisation. Any document or parts of documents considered to be redundant owing to any of the above changes will be examined for consolidation or withdrawal.



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