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We offer a wide range of products from our large message boards that deliver road safety messages quickly and efficiently to driver feedback signs that slow motorists down in safety zones.
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Features Include

Our signs are totally solar powered and provide continuous uninterrupted display. Messages are legible in all conditions from bright sunlight to dense fog.
Onboard programmable control console changes messages easily anytime. The sign panel failsafe system automatically detects and corrects errors and faults. The signs are CE certified insuring complete electromagnetic compliance for superb reliability. Remote operation using a modem connection is available.

Message Boards are sturdy secure and weather tight. They have modular construction for easy maintenance and repair. A torsion type axle insures smooth and stable transportation and a polyamide epoxy primer gives excellent rust and corrosion protection. Acrylic urethanes finish excellent appearance and durability. Radar speed monitor available.

Message Panel

Panel Size:
234cm wide x 137cm high
Panel Construction:
All aluminium modular construction
Matrix Size:
27 x 48 pixels
Pixel Size:  
4.5 x 4.5cm
Characters per Line: 
Up to twelve
Number of Lines:
Up to three
Number of Fonts:
Character Height:
30.5cm to 96.5cm
Graphics Capability: 
Full matrix
Display Technology:
Display Life expectancy:
Approx 10years
Lifting Mechanism:
1000lb capacity electro-hydraulic
Sign Panel Height (operating):
214cm to bottom of sign panel

Physical Details

Length Overall:
Width Overall:
Height Traveling:
Height Operating:
Ground Clearance:
Weight Approx:
Coupler (class III):
50mm Ball
Brake Actuator:
2268kg reverse surge

Control Console

Console Circuitry:
Ultra low powered solid state
Console keyboard:
Waterproof, backlit, alphanumeric
Console Display:
LCD 8 line by 40 character with graphics. Back lit for night use
Programming Software:
Proprietary, field upgradeable
Message Capacity:
Pre-programmed and user programmed – 200 total
Sequence Capacity:
200 total up to 16 messages each
Time/Date Control:
Real time/clock calendar
Message Display Time:
User-selectable (0.1-99seconds)
Display Update Time:
Non-volatile Memory:
Separate backup battery
Password Protection:
User selectable, multi level
Operator Interface:
Easy to use menus


Energy Source

Operating Voltage:
12 volts DC
Battery Type:
6 volt heavy duty deep cycle
Number of Batteries:
Battery Bank Capacity:
1200 amp hours
Battery Status Indicator:
Displays battery voltage, charging activity, and low battery condition
Solar Array Construction:
Top mounted solar panels in aluminium frame
Solar Charge Controller:
Automatic temperature compensated

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