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Other Features:
General Features   Message Changing

Get your message across with a variable message sign - Click to enlarge


Display Options 

   • Changing flashing messages and graphics capability including sequential moving arrows
   • Signs can be programmed to display different messages at different times and on different days
   • All fully programmable in advance
   • High visibility over long distances day and night; whatever the weather conditions from bright sunlight to       dense fog
   • Up to 16 different messages can be displayed
   • Can display the speed of oncoming vehicles
   • Remote operation means the display can be changed from the comfort of your office




Mega Flux LED displays are twice as bright as standard LED's - Click to enlarge
 Mega-Flux LED Display Technology 

   • All our signs display boards come with our patented full Matrix Mega Flux LED Display which provides twice the brightness of           standard  LED’s.
   • A wide-angled lens is fitted to each LED, increasing the vieing angle from 23° to 60°.
   • This is the brightest wide angle display currently available and allows traffic to read the signs for a much greater length of time.
   • 4-lead square package and 50% thicker circuit board provide increased strength
   • Improved durability and reliability




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